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Mazzer Mini A Electronic

Mazzer is a leading company for the manufacture of coffee grinders, grinder-dosers and accessories. Its products are distributed in 90 countries worldwide and are well known for quality, reliability and design. The company is present throughout the entire technological process and the reliability of its components is internationally appreciated.

The Mazzer Mini is the ideal choice for an espresso enthusiast’s home, a small café or a sophisticated office. It has gained a reputation in the espresso world due to its solid construction and "stepless grind adjustment". With a powerful 250W motor turning at a very low speed of 1600 rpm, the Mazzer is both quiet and powerful. The large 64mm diameter burrs grind the coffee beans quickly (and quietly) which also minimizes the amount of heat the ground coffee is subjected to, which reduces the degradation of flavour.

The Mazzer Mini A is an electronic coffee grinder with automatic single and double dosage. It grinds on demand, so every dose of coffee is fresh.


  • Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment
  • Single and double dose with independent adjustment
  • Digital display with shot counter
  • Push button panel operating device

    Hopper capacity 320 gr (comes with a small hopper)
    Grinding capacity adjustable from 4 to 19 gr


    Grindstones diameter (mm)  64
    Width (mm)  168
    Depth (mm) 340
    Height (mm) 430
    Weight (kg) 10.2
    Grinding blade speed (rpm) 1600
    Voltage (V) 110
    Power (W) 250
    Finish Polished aluminium