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Digital Thermometer for E61 Group Head

Comprised of a stainless steel adapter and digital thermometer, Coffee Sensor Thermometer provides instant feedback to the user. The two main benefits are:

1. Knowing the group head idle temperature;

2. Knowing the water temperature right near the brew point/coffee puck.

Thus providing repeatable, empirical information to help take the guesswork out of the process.

  • Single body stainless steel adapter that makes this product one of the safest of its kind. Because there are no joints / bolts into the adapter, accidental torn and hot water splash can not occur
  • Digital thermometer with Celsius / Fahrenheit switch button. Working temperature of the thermometer: between -50 and 200 degrees;
  • Two copper sealing washers offered into the box (one spare), that are highly resistant to friction and high temperature for longer periods of time than classical rubber or Teflon washers;
  • One battery; 
  • Full installation kit and written instructions in the box. The installation kit consists of one Allen key, one fix 10 mm key and two copper sealing washers (one spare).
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