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Gi-Ma Caffè Discovery Bundle

Discover 5 new Gi-Ma coffees with our Gi-Ma Discovery Bundle!

This bundle includes:

  • Gi-Ma Zaffiro is a blend created thinking of those who choose to enjoy a decaf without however renouncing the pleasure of an excellent espresso. Strong aroma and hazelnut notes for this coffee that preserves intact the typical aromas of the Arabica of South America maintaining however controlled acidity because balanced by the presence of characteristic aromas of the best Robusta that refer to chocolate. Intense aroma, round taste, and medium body for this balanced and high-quality blend.  This coffee is naturally decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process.
  • Gi-Ma Ambra, an espresso with an intense aroma, is born from the careful mix between arabica and robusta coffees in order to enhance the typical taste of Italian espresso.
  • Gi-Ma Diamante, from selected arabica plantations, is an elegant and exclusive blend with an aromatic and smooth taste with fruity hints. 100% arabica beans.
  • Gi-Ma Rubino, an espresso with a soft and caressing taste, full-bodied and with intense sensations. Arises from the balanced mixture between arabica coffees from South America and Asian robusta.
  • Gi-Ma Perla Nera, a fine blend of coffee coming from six countries all over the world is "Perla Nera". A blend that contains a high percentage of arabica coffee, excellent on the palate, delicate in taste, with hints of fresh fruits, chocolate, and caramel.

  • 5 bags of whole beans ship in original 1 kg packaging shown.