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Rocket Mozzafiato Chronometer Evoluzione R

$ 3,500.00


In keeping with all the details and specifications that put the Giotto on the map, the Mozzafiato by Rocket Espresso, is built in the very same manner.   Only difference:  its slender side panels.   


  • All stainless steel body
  • E61 commercial group head
  • Full commercial rotary type pump
  • Pour-over or alternatively, by turning the control switch, steel braided direct water connection (hard plumbed) with full drip tray drainage system
  • Digital shot timer allowing the user to better optimise extraction time
  • PID control for greater temperature stability drawing on 4 signal parameters to measure and control the temperature.  A digital and adjustable temperature display allows adjustable brewing temperatures for different coffee types.
  • Dual pre-infusion system: mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. This reflects into smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body and crema.
  • Superior layout of thermosyphon system resulting in optimum extraction with 20% higher volume as with comparable machines on the market
  • Boiler is made of pure copper (Cu. 99.9%) with two lead free, heavy brass end plates.  These brass end plates combined with the special additional boiler insulation increase the thermal retention by up to 50% versus other boiler systems.
  • One dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for boiler pressure control
  • Stainless steel steam wand with patented cool-touch technology: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot); easy cleaning as milk doesn’t bake on wand; more efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand. Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture.
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of boiler and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication system
  • Optimized boiler capacity to thermosyphon system ratio.  Results in fast heat up time with 1200 watt element, made from special long life material (5 times longer than normal elements)
  • Fully certified commercially rated safety valve
  • Comes with integrated stainless steel cup rail, 2 full size 58 mm commercial porterfilters (a single and a double), a blind filter and a metal tamper

    Steam wand      1
    Hot water wand      1
    Boiler capacity (lt)    1.8
    Fresh water capacity (lt)            2.5   



    Width (mm)    280
    Depth (mm)    425
    Height (mm)           400
    Weight (kg)    30.2
    Voltage (V)     110
     60 Hz    
    Power (W)   1200
    Phase  Single



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