December 03, 2022 3 min read

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to go hunting for the perfect gifts for everyone in your list. While it may not be easy to find the perfect Christmas gift in general, it’s especially tricky to find one for the coffee lovers in your list. It’s because people who take their coffee seriously tend to have very specific ideas about how to roast, how to store, how to prepare and how to drink the precious elixir.

That being said, there are tons of great gifts for coffee aficionados, from gadgets to coffee beans to coffee making accessories. Here we've rounded up the best gift options for every coffee lover on your list, from your spouse to your work colleagues, from novice to world-class barista.

Espresso Machine


It’s THE one piece of small appliance that can not be missing from a coffee lover’s kitchen counter. From  semi-automatic to fully  automatic and everything in between, a superior quality espresso machine is essential for making a perfect cup of coffee. It also makes for a fantastic Christmas gift for the special person(s) in your life. 

Coffee Grinder

One key component to an excellent cup of coffee is the proper grinding of the coffee beans. Uniform grounds yield a much more flavourful cup of java. To achieve the perfect grind, a  high-quality coffee grinder - whether it’s electric or manual - is imperative, as coffee beans ground immediately before brewing makes a more aromatic cup of coffee than the one prepared with pre-ground powder. It's the perfect gift for the more discerning person on the list. 

Coffee Cup Set

This may seem like a common gift, but what could be a more useful and practical gift for a coffee lover who has it all? A set of  stackable porcelain cups or stylish  double walled glass cappuccino cups will surely bring extra holiday joy to a coffee enthusiast.

Portable Coffee Maker


A true coffee afficionado would not want to give up having espresso coffee even in the middle of a forest, the highway, or in other places without electricity. If there are people in your list who fit this description, the perfect gift is the  AeroPress Go Travel. All they need is some ground coffee, hot water and this innovative machine to create a perfect espresso, wherever they may be. It’s an original, elegant and super practical gift idea for the busy and active coffee lovers in your Christmas list.

Coffee Beans, Pods and Capsules

Spoil the caffeine junkies in your “Nice” list with a selection of premium coffee from Faema Montreal. The historic Little Italy boutique is where you can find a few, select blends imported from Italy that were hand-picked for their excellence and authentic taste, as well as the company’s very own Faema Caffè house blend roasted and prepared in Montreal. Choose from a large selection of whole beans, ground, decaffeinated or coffee pods.

Coffee Making Accessories


For the budding home baristas in your list, consider gifting them coffee making gadgets. Faema Montreal boutique and online store carry a wide selection of at once beautiful and useful items that will make for the perfect Christmas gifts. From a simple  stainless steel measuring spoon to the complete  Barista Kit from Motta, you will surely find something that will help them hone their coffee making skills further.

Gift Card

Unsure of what to gift a neighbour or a work colleague? Why not offer them a Faema Montreal  gift card! Available in physical and electronic forms and in various denominations starting from just $25, it’s an excellent gift or stocking stuffer, and will surely brighten someone’s day this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!