January 25, 2022 3 min read

To some people, their morning cup of Java is just a means to an end: a way to cut the cord with the previous night and become engaged with the day’s events. While for others, coffee is a way of life. 

For coffee lovers, their black gold is both a boost of energy and an excuse to procrastinate; a way to spend time with friends or lengthen a moment of solitude; a matter of personal taste and a way to identify with a set of traditions and social behaviours. And it's in these very opposing truths that coffee aficionados find their passion. 

Most coffee lovers are always looking for new ways to intensify the flavours of their beloved coffee and are willing to go to great lengths to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast looking for an impressive way to brew yourself a cup, look no further. 

Here are 5 seriously cool ways to brew your next cup of coffee (taste and quality guaranteed!)

1. The Siphon Coffee Maker: Art and Science in Action  

Siphon Coffee Maker Montreal


If you’ve never seen a syphon coffee maker, you’ll most likely think it’s more of a science project than a fun way to make an intensely flavourful cup of coffee.

However, don’t be fooled by the sometimes impressive appearance of this type of device; it’s actually quite user friendly all the while being fascinating to watch!




The eye-catching brewing process is really quite simple. In a nutshell, as water heats in the lower chamber, it creates vapour that forces the boiling water to mix with the coffee grounds located in the top chamber. Once the coffee maker is removed from heat,  gravity pushes the brewed coffee back into the bottom chamber, for a vibrant tasting coffee that cannot be imitated by any other process. 

2. The All-In-One Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic Montreal


If you like to drink your coffee solo, and fast and effective is your thing, then the all-in-one Cafflano Klassic is for you!

This is the world's first all-in-one pour-over (infusion) coffee maker that combines adjustable ceramic burr grinder, drip-kettle, etched stainless steel filter, dripper, tumbler and lid into a single compact vessel. 



This device is also perfect for those who like to enjoy a great tasting coffee at work or while being out of town.  

Watch a step-by-step video of how to use this incredible little device. 


3. The "Ditch-The-Instant" Coffee Maker

no more instant coffee

Sometimes, you just need a quick coffee. Well, this device allows you the convenience of a coffee ready in an instant, without compromising on taste and freshness. 

This award-winning one cup coffee infuser allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee quickly with no mess. Hassle free and simple to use,  all you have to do is add coffee to the basket, pour in hot water, stir and twist before leaving to brew. 

The Brew It Stick is the perfect coffee gadget for home, the office or anywhere else you might be on the go. 

4. The Percolator Made for the Great Outdoors 

Coffee maker outdoors


Having a good cup of coffee is no easy feat when you are camping or spending time in the great outdoors. However, with this stainless steel coffee percolator for outdoor use, you can make the perfect coffee without needing electricity. 

It’s the perfect addition to outdoor entertaining, hiking and camping gear. 

5. The Portable Press-Style Coffee Brewer

aeropress montreal

If you want access to fresh, café quality coffee anywhere, the Cafflano Kompact is your go-to coffee brewer. 

This collapsible device even comes with an exclusive pouch so you can truly take it anywhere you go. Added bonus: it makes an equally great cold-brew.