April 20, 2021 3 min read

DIY is all the rage, no matter the season. 

Amongst the most popular diy projects are home organizing projects and kitchen projects. Here’s one that includes both and that will appeal to the coffee aficionados out there: setting up a home coffee station in your kitchen.   

First off, let’s figure-out what a home coffee station actually is and answer a few common questions about coffee stations (also called coffee bars). 

What Is a Home Coffee Station?

A home coffee station is the hub of everything coffee in your kitchen. Stylish and functional, coffee stations are all the rage in kitchen design, and can easily be adapted to any space, aesthetic style and budget. 

Where Can I Set Up My Coffee Station? 

Coffee stations can be set up on your kitchen counter, inside a kitchen cabinet or pantry, on a bar cart or on a furniture piece that has been placed in the kitchen for that purpose (such as a console, a sideboard, a baker’s rack or even a repurposed dresser). 

Don't forget that you will also need to be near a water source and install appropriate lighting above your coffee hub. You might also want to include a garbage / compost bin somewhere near by.

Coffee stations can easily become a beautiful accent piece in a kitchen, so don’t be afraid to get creative and “stage” your coffee bar while aligning it with the overall aesthetic of your home. Utilize the wall behind your coffee station to display wall art or to install shelves or hooks for added storage and convenience. 

What Should I Include In My Home Coffee Bar? 

There is no point in having a home coffee bar if it's not functional. The purpose of creating a coffee station is to avoid having to walk back and forth in your kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Therefore, your home coffee bar should include everything you need to make your beloved coffee. 

Here’s a list of home coffee station must-haves: 

  1. A quality coffee machine. Coffee lovers know that they cannot obtain a quality coffee without a quality coffee machine. Plus, most top-quality machines also look amazing and bring your kitchen design up a notch, especially when set up on a coffee bar. 
  2. A quality coffee grinder. A perfect coffee also requires a quality coffee grinder. Any home-barista knows that the taste of freshly ground coffee is exceedingly better. If you are investing in a home coffee station, it might be a good time to invest in a quality coffee grinder as well. 
  3. Espresso cups or coffee mugs displayed on a rack is a great way to combine style and functionality. 
  4. Containers, canisters and baskets to hold all your coffee essentials (sugar and sweeteners, spoons, coffee beans or coffee pods). 
  5. If you like to enjoy your cup of coffee with a little snack, adding a cookie jar or a bread box where you can store your favourite treats is also a good idea. 

No matter what are your aesthetic preferences or your favourite type of coffee, a home coffee station is a great way to add originality, style and functionality to any kitchen. In today’s reality where everyone is always on the go, creating a home coffee bar is a savvy investment for any coffee lover. 

Need to spruce up your home coffee station? We have everything you need to make your next perfect cup of coffee.