May 29, 2021 2 min read

Have you been shopping for the perfect espresso machine, but it’s sold out everywhere? 

You’ve done the research, read the reviews, maybe you even looked up the online owner’s manual; you are finally ready to order, but alas, the words “currently out of stock” crush your enthusiasm.  

Buying the right espresso machine is important to espresso lovers. At Faema Montreal, we want to make sure that our customers will not stay without their beloved coffee for too long! 

This is why we have integrated a pre-order option on our site. 

The pre-order option is perfect for customers who are willing to wait just a little longer to get exactly what they want. 

Why settle for second best when you can pre-order the espresso machine you want?    

A Fast and Simple Way to Order the Perfect Espresso Machine 

Pre-Ordering Your Espresso Machine Has Never Been Easier! 

Simply click on the “Pre-Order” button on the product page and make the partial payment to reserve your espresso machine. We will fulfill your order as soon as it is available (an estimated product availability date is included in the product description). 


Why Choose to Pre-Order Your Espresso Machine?

Choosing to pre-order your espresso machine is a great idea if you don’t want to risk waiting an extended period of time to purchase your product of preference. 

The pandemic has created a short supply of top-quality espresso machines made in Italy. Pre-ordering your coffee machine guarantees that your product of choice will be reserved for you when we receive our shipment.    

Don’t wait for your espresso machine to sell out again! 

Pre-order your espresso machine for a secure, simple way to make sure you will get what you want, fast!  

Still not sure what to pre-order? Here is a list of our top three products available for pre-order: 


La Pavoni Gran Caffè GCM

La Pavoni Gran Caffè is the perfect choice for a home espresso machine, complete with a brass group, porterfilter and boiler to obtain a better thermal stability. The Turbo attachment simplifies the traditional way of frothing milk.

Pre-Order La Pavoni Gran Caffè GCM 


Rocket Appartamento 

The Appartamento, by Rocket Espresso, is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium. Rocket engineers optimized the chassis and the layout of the internal components without compromising on the quality and features you expect from Rocket Espresso.

Pre-Order Rocket Appartamento 


La Pavoni Domus DMB 

La Pavoni Domus model compactly combines espresso machine with coffee grinder in a classic shape with a professional function, equipped with a brass group, porterfilter and boiler to obtain a better thermal stability. This machine is also equipped with an electro-valve which avoids the dripping of the group and a water pressure gauge for measuring accurate extraction of espresso. Cappuccino frothing is both quick and easy thanks to the dual frothing system included. The Turbo attachment simplifies the traditional way of frothing milk and the Cappuccino Automatic attachment draws the cold milk from its container delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into your cup.

Pre-Order La Pavoni Domus DMB