Aerolatte Cappuccino Artist Stencil

One of the pleasures of ordering a cappuccino in your favourite coffee shop is seeing what artistic flourish the barista uses to ‘sign off’ the finished drink.

Now you can treat your guests and, indeed, yourself to the same delight at home.

The aerolatte Cappuccino Artist Stencil is a neat little cocoa ‘shaker’ that holds six fun designs. Simply click your choice of stencil on top, invert and twist to create easy-peasy coffee art.

Which will be your favourite design? Choose from a:

  • Double heart
  • Star
  • Leaf
  • Snowflake
  • Swirl
  • Winking face emoji

  • And it’s not just cappuccinos you can decorate. Stencil art can add an attractive twist to hot chocolate, porridge, cakes and desserts. Instead of cocoa powder or cinnamon, bakers often use edible glitter to glam up their bakes.