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Bialetti Glass Canister

The Bialetti “waste-preventing” glass coffee jaris designed to prevent ground coffee from being wasted while making coffee using the Bialetti Moka pot. The airtight container, equipped with a silicone lid, is also ideal for preserving the natural aroma of the coffee as if it were freshly ground. The pack includes a convenient coffee measuring spoon, perfect for filling the Moka pot funnel and specially designed to be hung on the lid of the Smart Jar after use.

The operation of the Smart Jar is very simple:

1. Place the Moka pot funnel in the appropriate slot in the lid of the Jar; Using the measuring spoon, fill the funnel with ground coffee for Moka pots (without pressing it down)

2. Remove the funnel and place it in the Moka pot boiler.

3. Close the jar by pouring off the excess coffee deposited in the lid.

  • Holds 250 g of ground coffee
  • Item size: 125x115x135 mm
  • Maximum capacity: 250g of ground coffee
  • Materials: glass, steel and plastic
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