Bilt Oscar Water Softener

Introducing the Bilt Oscar, a revolutionary solution that effortlessly enhances your coffee quality and extends the lifespan of your espresso machine. Designed for both home and office espresso machines, this innovative descaling device is ingeniously placed directly in the water tank. By harnessing the power of ion exchange resins, the Bilt Oscar passively extracts calcium, magnesium, and impurities from water, combatting the primary culprit of premature espresso machine failure—scale buildup. Embrace the convenience of preserving your machine's performance without compromise. The Bilt Oscar water softener further empowers your espresso experience by preventing scale accumulation in reservoir-based machines. Through the removal of calcium, magnesium, and various heavy metal ions, it guarantees impeccable performance and durability while maintaining coffee quality at its finest.

The optimal use of Oscar requires a few, very simple steps:

  1. Remove Oscar from its transparent and protecting wrapper;
  2. Once the plastic has been removed, wet with cold water to activate the silvered granules;
  3. Lay down Oscar into the empty water tank. Fill with water up to the desired level.

As water interacts with the resin microspheres it will be subjected to the osmotic and magnetic softening process, starting to transfer calcium and magnesium ions giving back sodium ones.