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Discovery Bundle

Discover 6 new coffees with our Discovery Bundle!

The bundle includes:

  • Faema espresso, our house blend, is made up of 100% arabica beans from Central America. This medium-roasted espresso, prepared in Montreal, offers a pleasant balance between the acidity of the fruit and the bitterness of dark chocolate.
  • The Marzotto Lusso coffee is a blend of high quality arabica coffee beans with a share of 20% Robusta, which is responsible for producing an excellent crema.  Its flavour and aroma is wonderfully broad with deep flavours on the palate followed by a slightly nutty chocolate after taste.
  • Gi-Ma Ambra, an espresso with an intense aroma, born from the careful mix between arabica and robusta coffees in order to enhance the typical taste of Italian espresso.
  • Gi-Ma Diamante, from selected arabica plantations, an elegant and exclusive blend with an aromatic and smooth taste with fruity hints. 100% arabica beans.
  • Gi-Ma Rubino, an espresso with a soft and caressing taste, full bodied and with intense sensations. Arises from the balanced mixture between arabica coffees from South America and Asian robusta.
  • Gi-Ma Perla Nera, a fine blend of coffee coming from six countries all over the world is "Perla Nera". A blend which contains a high percentage of arabica coffee, excellent on the palate, delicate in taste, with hints of fresh fruits, chocolate and caramel.
    6 bags of whole beans ship in original 1 kg packaging shown.