Eureka Mignon Single Dose

Founded in Florence by Aurelio Conti, Eureka started its activity in 1920 as a manufacturer of espresso grinders and quickly became a symbol of excellence. It became a leader in this field producing high-quality grinders for any type of coffee preparation.

The Eureka Mignon Single Dose, a testament to Eureka's legacy in crafting top-notch coffee grinders since 1920, embraces the emerging trend of single dosing with unparalleled quality. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and incorporating customer feedback, the single dose exemplifies Eureka's dedication to customer satisfaction. This innovative addition to the Mignon series combines the proven excellence of Eureka's grinding system with the efficiency of single dosing. Faster, quieter, and more compact than its counterparts, the single dose boasts an upgraded burr set and cutting-edge features like an inclined design and blow-up hopper. With a sleek stainless steel dosing cup and a wooden seat, the single dose not only delivers exceptional grinding performance but also maintains a tidy and organized workspace. Elevate your coffee ritual with the Eureka Mignon single dose, where tradition meets the latest trends in coffee brewing technology.


  • ELR System (Extremely Low Retention): the perfect inclination of the grinding chamber (15°), combined with dedicated technical solutions, ensures retention close to zero.
  • New Single Dose hopper with branded wooden lid and revolving metal tab (45 g), designed to best satisfy your unique coffee moments.
  • Dosing cup, made of stainless steel (45 g), helps you to easily transfer ground coffee right to your portafilter, all while keeping your workspace.
  • Thanks to the included Mignon Blow Up Cleaning you can prepare your next shot with the grinding chamber always clean.
  • Oak base shaped for the cups in the catalogue, for an even higher optimization of the workspace.
  • The particular combination of engine - Pure Diamond® burrs (65 mm) guarantees high productivity (2.3 – 2.8 Espresso; 2.8 – 3.3 Brew) and a wide range of grinds achievable.
  • Maximum silence thanks to "Silent Technology".
  • "High Speed" maintenance is handy and easy, without losing the grinding setting.

    Burr diameter (mm) 65
    Bean hopper capacity (gr)         45
    Width (mm) 128
    Depth (mm) 260
    Height (mm) 321
    Weight (kg) 7.2
    Grinding blade speed (rpm) 1650
    Voltage (V) 110
    Power (W) 320
    Finish Chrome