Jura Claris Smart+ Water Filter Cartridge

Coffee is 98% water. So water of the highest quality is essential to creating the best possible coffee experience. The CLARIS Smart from JURA revolutionizes water filtration. For the first time, thanks to modern RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology, a coffee machine can continually communicate with the filter. It recognizes whether a filter has been inserted and automatically activates the appropriate mode. It continually collects information about filter use and alerts the user when the filter capacity has been exhausted. This not only makes changing the filter easier than ever before but also allows the CLARIS Smart to achieve optimum effectiveness.

CLARIS Smart+ enhances the tried-and-tested professional up-flow principle, which filters exactly the amount of water required every time you make a coffee, with the addition of a capsule containing natural active ingredients. And the 'plus'? The natural movement of the water causes it to continuously flow gently through the capsule, stabilizing it through contact. The result is less limescale and maximum cleanliness in the water tank. TÜV-certified hygiene (independent international testing organization)

  • CLARIS Smart+ Water Filter Cartridge is designed for the following machines with the intelligent water system (I.W.S.): Z8, Z6, J6 / J600, S8 / S80, ENA 8, E8 / E80 / E800, E6 / E60 / E600, D6 / D60 / D600.
  • Filter capacity: up to 50 litres of water or max 2 months
  • Water filtered at the source
  • CLARIS removes the need for descaling
  • Constantly fresh water means perfect flavour
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