Miele Milk Pipework Cleaner

Experience hygienic excellence with the Miele Milk Pipework Cleaner, a set of 100 pre-portioned sachets designed for coffee machines. This highly effective cleaner ensures spotless milk lines with gentle treatment of materials, removing milk protein and fats effortlessly. The fine-tuned formula, exclusive to Miele, guarantees optimal care for sustained reliability over the years. With simple dosing and a specialized Miele formula, this cleaner exemplifies Miele Cleaning Products' commitment to perfect results every time. Elevate your appliance maintenance with the precision of Miele technology.

  • 100 packets of 3.7g per pack
  • Highly effective cleaning, which also treats materials gently
  • Simple dosing thanks to pre-portioned sticks
  • Effectively removes milk protein and fats
  • Fine-tuned formula — Special Miele formula
  • Optimum care for many years of reliability
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