Profitec Pro T64

The Profitec ProT64 is a professional grinder with a direct grinding function and a programmable grind time to a 10th of a second. Handling is easy and simple: Insert the portafilter, and press the portioning button.

The straightforward, simple industrial look of the high-end, stainless steel housing with side panels made of Plexiglas is perfectly complemented by the tinted bean hopper.


  • Stainless steel burrs
  • Timer for programming the individual grind time, integrated quantity counter
  • Display indicating the programmed grind time
  • Two buttons for automatic coffee grinding, an optional manual portioning is possible
  • Grind performance: Single shot: about 3.8 sec. +- 0.2 sec. - 7–9 g and Double shot: about 5.2 sec. +- 0.2 sec. - 14–16 g
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Grinder corpus made of aluminum
  • Height-adjustable bracket for the portafilter. Free-handed function possible
  • 500 g tinted bean hopper
  • Catching tray for the grounds
  • Grinding time: T-On: 10 sec / T-Off: 80 sec


    Grindstones diameter (mm) 64
    Bean hopper capacity (gr)         500
    Width (mm) 170
    Depth (mm) 250
    Height (mm) 430
    Weight (kg) 7.5
    Grinding blade speed (rpm_ 1400
    Voltage (V) 110
    Power (W) 450
    Finish Inox