ROK EspressoGC

For that more crafted, nuanced experience of espresso creation, the ROK Classic EspressoGC puts all the subtlety at your fingertips, literally. Dial in the perfect grind, tamp just right then squeeze the arms down to feel the magic coffee extraction.

The ROK’s elegant lever arms deliver true manual espresso power smoothly, without the built-in obsolescence of electric machines. It’s an intimate, 25-second pull that really connects you to the miracle that is espresso.

If all you want is deep crema and rich taste,  without effort, the Smartshot edition is for you. Forget getting the coffee grind and tamping just right, the Smartshot portafilter eliminates the need to flex barista skills. Just spoon in the coffee ground to espresso fine or cafetierre coarse and squeeze down the lever arms. Don’t turn to Nespresso or Keurig when you can go one better, have a free choice of coffee, and be planet friendly.