The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz

Packed with more than two hundred recipes for homemade ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, and more, The Perfect Scoop is one of the most popular ice cream books of all time. In this revised and updated edition, New York Times best-selling author David Lebovitz adds a dozen game-changing recipes and all-new photography, raising the bar on frozen treats once again.

Whether you're craving a classic dish of vanilla, or want to push the boundaries with a scoop of something contemporary and cutting-edge, there's a recipe here for you: from fresh mint, chocolate, and coffee ice creams to lavender-honey topped with granola, s'mores slathered in fudge ripple, and labneh sprinkled with pistachio-sesame brittle. There's even a selection of frozen cocktails- Negroni slush or Spritz Sorbet, anyone?

Emphasizing both traditional and sophisticated flavours alongside a bountiful helping of personality and proven technique, The Perfect Scoop helps you choose the best ingredients, master the custard base, add creative mix-ins, and make delicious serving vessels such as brownies, cookies, profiteroles, and crepes. Featuring an indulgent range of gooey sauces (Classic Hot Fudge, Marshmallow), crunchy toppings (Salt-Roasted Peanuts, Honeyed Cashews), and David's favorite mix0ins (Buttercrunch Toffee, Candied Cherries), this comprehensive collection turns simple ice cream into perfect scoops of pure delight.